Greetings Global Family,

After a 3-year break from producing any musical projects, I return to you with my 3rd album, ‘Elevated Frequencies’.  Mixed, remixed, and mastered by
Totem muzik,  this album is the culmination of hundreds of hours of work, years of reflection, writing, practice, and a whole lot of love.   With Totem’s sound wizardry, attention to detail, and addition of live instruments, I believe the production on these songs has reached a new level of refinement and I hope those who have been on this journey with me for a while, will be pleasantly surprised by the evolution of sound =)  Other artists featured on the album include Steve Grant, McAD of Freedom Movement, and Mike Wird from the Soul Pros.  These are 3 of my favorite conscious MC’s, and I can testify to their amazing character as brothers, fathers and community warriors in this time by their actions over the years.  I am blessed to have so many strong brothers and sisters across the globe, and together we are creating a more conscious planetary family.
 ~ May this offering ripple across the globe and into the universe as a strong call from Earth, to help raise the vibration of minds, hearts, and worlds ~ 

With so much Love & Gratitude,

Alais Clay

(To stream or download 'Elevated Frequencies', click the album art)