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with the intention of healing the planet.  Separately, we each make important contributions to the betterment of the world, but unified together we are capable of massive radical changes VERY quickly.

Our long-term vision is to create an international sister-city network of StarTribe Sanctuaries.  These sanctuaries would be GMO-free permaculture/alternative learning  communities for volunteers and people in need (homeless, refugees, foster children, orphans, etc..) with a vast array of holistic healing resources.

The StarTribe Alliance, founded by Alais Clay and a team of activists in 2015, is a global network of superheroes dedicated to helping heal the Earth and it's inhabitants - including animals!  This network includes permaculture communities, indigenous communities, animal sanctuaries, reforestation projects, alternative energy solutions, healing centers, trauma treatment centers, animal rescues, activists of all kinds, educators, healers of all kinds, farmers, artists, musicians and lovers of Peace in general. By joining forces, we activate an unstoppable super team of Lightworker activists and create a massive unified energy force 

The StarTribe Alliance